Do you have a project to be executed within a limited time and resources? Our GCS team possess the required analytical skills to break down your complex projects into distinct parts, pool together the required resources, design and manage the execution process to achieve your required result. Services under this umbrella span across several sectors such as;

  • Economic & Socio-economic Services: Our team of experienced economic professionals are here to help pool together the required resources and execute your outsourced projects efficiently within limited time.
  • MEDIA: Our media team is focused on the production of video documentaries. We have the capacity and the right technical partners to develop science, educative, research and expository documentaries.
  • CIVIL, ELECTRCAL AND MECHANICAL WORKS: Our team analyses your technical problems/needs, pools together the right team of skilled technicians and get work done.
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CHOKES & BEULAH is a trusted name to fill all your procurement needs. Our global network of trusted manufacturers together with our project managers that develop efficient cost and supply chain processes ensure that our clients receive the best price for the best quality promptly.

We have the capacity to procure and deliver various commodities, including but not limited to;

  • Chemicals and industrial raw materials
  • Industrial electronics/machines
  • Office equipment
  • Computer/IT hardware
  • Civil engineering/Construction materials
  • Vehicles
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